About Me

david_profile_bigHello and welcome to my website, let me firstly introduce myself – I’m David Felix, a 32 year old carpenter who is taking a break from my usual life to travel and find the most unusual and amazing places in the world. Apart from holidays this is the first time I’ve done anything like this and I’m really excited to be leaving my home town on an extended trip that should be full of fun and adventure. I am hoping to meet friendly people, share stories and gain advice during my travels plus get to see much more than the normal tourist attractions.


Essentials for my travels are my laptop, a pair of decent boots and a sense of humour I think. If you can laugh at least once daily then life is good. I’m a big fan of local foods and hope to be able to taste and enjoy many different regional and cultural dishes, made in traditional ways. I’m sure there will be many interesting experiences and I will share them all with you via this site. If you would like to add your own input please e-mail me any messages and let’s make this a collaborative effort to inspire other people to travel.


During my travels I’m hoping to meet other writers, word smiths and passionate travellers, people with real life experiences and advice that I can share with my readers. Of course our opinions of some places may differ but I believe it is important to try and understand the opinions of others, this can help to make a better picture of any particular area. I have no set in stone plans for this trip so will be staying varying amounts of time in each place depending on how much there is to do and see – above all though, I’m positive that each part of the journey will be worth documenting, so I hope you enjoy reading my site.