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Features Of Men’s Ski Jackets Explained

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a ski jacket is just a warm, winter coat. Considering that it is likely to be the most expensive item in your ski wardrobe, and considering it will protect you from the cold, wind, heat, and ensure that your body is able to breathe while you’re skiing, it is an extremely important item of clothing for any ski trip.

To ensure that you buy the most appropriate of mens ski jackets, you should learn some of the features, and the often baffling technical terms used in their description, in order to ascertain whether they are important to you.

  • DWR – DWR, or Durable Water Repellent, is a less expensive alternative to GORE-Tex and it essentially works by coating the outside of the ski jacket in order to prevent water from getting in. The water beads and runs off, but the DWR material may require regular recoating to ensure it continues to offer water protection.
  • Articulated Sleeves – Articulated sleeves have folds sewn into the fabric so that the jacket will fit snugly, but the sleeves will move freely as you bend and extend your arms. They ensure a greater level of comfort and freedom of movement your pharmacies when skiing, which is essential.
  • Flexible Sleeves – Whether you’ve just stepped off the slope, or the sun is beating back up off the snow, it can get very hot when skiing. Flexible sleeves can be rolled up to allow for extra cooling.
  • Sealed Seams – No matter the quality of material used in men’s ski jackets, if the seams are not stitched and fixed properly, the jacket will not offer full weatherproofing. Sealed seams have been stitched and sealed to ensure full water and wind protection.
  • Venting – It is important that your body is covered up while skiing, but you still need to be able to move freely and easily, and your body needs to be able to breathe. Venting features, such as deep zips in the chest, and venting panels can be used to help provide breathability while ensuring that the outer layer still provides protection from the cold and wet.

Buying the right ski jacket is important, and your jacket is likely to prove one of the most expensive items that you purchase. Buy one that you are comfortable wearing, that offers protection from the elements, but still allows for freedom of movement and breathability.

By David Felix

David Felix, a 32 year old carpenter who is taking time out to travel and see more of the world before I get too old to enjoy it fully. I'm an easy going, flexible type of guy who likes to meet new people, wake up each morning not knowing what the day will bring and have fun. Follow my adventures and I shall try to describe each place I visit to the best of my abilities, giving you, the reader, a chance to form your own ideas. Happy travels and I hope to hear from you soon, Dave.