Getting Married In Italy

Care to propose “Ti Amo” in Italian style to your loved one?  Well.. you couldn’t have thought of a better location, like Italy is the place of Amore, where love meets romance to transform into unification of two souls.  Here’s a comprehensive guide to some of the best wedding venues that Italy has to offer.

Exotic Locations in Italy


Weddings at Florence

Florence, also termed as the city of romance, has exquisite locations for both small time and large time weddings organised in the Red Room in the town hall and Sala Rossa. The larger weddings are accommodated in awe inspiring villas located in country backdrops and hills. The picturesque medieval villages and country side locations nearby make the wedding a memorable experience to treasure for a lifetime.


Giving Your Heart at San Gimignano

Exchange your rings under a country backdrop with a farm setting of vineyards, sunflowers, and wild forests, offers the perfect getaway for a pleasant countryside wedding far away from the hustle and bustle of cities. While the Catholic weddings are organised in the Church within the walled town, the terracotta floors of its Town Hall with its highly intricate designs make it the ideal wedding location, while the more fancy weddings can be organised in its luxuriant Villas. San Gimignano makes that wedding album of yours look straight out from the medieval ages.

Volterra: Exchanging Vows With A Difference

Known for its Vampire based movies; it’s an Idyllic setting with hills, dense forests and ravines. It offers a sneak peek into the scenic landscape of Italy, though lesser kamagra in the usa known that it is perhaps the best hilltop locations that you can ever plan for your wedding. It is the blend of Medieval, Roman, and Renaissance art, and its architecture gives your wedding the ambience that you could never dare to imagine. Volterra and its territory are the perfect choice for a peaceful, and relaxing honeymoon holidays along with the wedding.

Chianti: – For The Royal Wedding

While Chianti region may not be ideal for civil weddings as compared to other locations in Italy, it is aptly designed for those who wish to get married in a princely manner. It is beset with some of the best castles and Villas in Italy. The medieval Castle of Volpaia, the Romanesque Church of Santa Maria in Prato, Castello di Monticiano and Castello di Sarzana are just some of the many castles you can choose to have that royal wedding.

Pienza: For The Perfect Civil Weddings

Pienza remains unchanged and is a virgin territory that newlyweds would love to explore; the locations would take your breath away. The countryside wine adds to a fine dining experience along with home based cooking. The town hall is perfect for a party of 2 to 40 guests.

The Tuscan Coast: – The Beach Side Weddings

For the weddings that wish to be etched in your memories, what better than the Tuscan Coast that captures the sea, its portrait sunset frames, and the beaches in your wedding album. Italy has one of the longest and the most varied coast in the form of the Tuscan Coast.

By David Felix

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