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Lake Garda Holidays in Italy

For those looking for culture holiday, lake Garda holiday in Italy is the best place to be. It is located in the north west with excellent rails and road links. It is conveniently located near major towns and cities such as Milan, Verona, Bergamo and Brescia. Lake Garda is a beautiful destination to visit no matter the time of the year. The climate is attractive throughout the year with lots of beautiful scenery and luxury accommodation. There are lots of relaxing activities that will keep you entertained throughout your holiday. You can enjoy Lake Garda holidays in Italy at very affordable prices thanks to the popularity of the lakeside Italian destinations, why not have a deserved break at Lake Garda.

What to do During Lake Garda Holidays In Italy
At Lake Garda Holiday in Italy there are many activities to do and many sights to visit. There are theme parks and campsites around the shore for families to enjoy. Not only can Lake Garda be appreciated by families but also by romantic couples and young adults. There is always something for everyone at Lake Garda. Whether you are into family leisure activities, sports, history and shopping or even chilling out on the beach watching the sunset, it is lots of fun for both children and adults.

If you are into sports Lake Garda provides a number of sports such as tennis, golf, mountain hiking, parading and rock climbing among many other sports. Sporting on the Lake is also available on various sports such as windsurfing, water-skiing, sailing, and jet-skiing to mention a few.

Wind surfing
Torbole which is located at the north of Lake Garda is the windsurfing capital and it has also played host to major championships. It is known to have dependable winds and in some days there can be hundreds of surfers. There is enough room for every one since the lake is so big.

Golfing is very popular at Lake Garda and there are many golfing courses around the lake especially on the west shore.

Mountain biking
If you want a hiking holiday, Lake garda will never disappoint you. Mountain hiking and cycling are most favorite activities in the north of Lake Garda. This sport is very popular and there are even races around there from time to time. Biking can be done anywhere around the lake. You can ride steep with dramatic drop-off and have unbelievable views of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

Tennis and squash
Tennis is a common sport at lake Garda and there are local sports centres and clubs that even provide tennis training camps.

Sailing is very popular at Lake Garda and there are even sailing schools around the lake. Sailing can be fun for all ages.

Horseback riding / Trekking
Adventurous horseback riding is available all around Lake Garda. You can also enjoy amazing views and fresh air while going for lake Garda trekking.

Shopping at lake Garda
Shopping at lake Garda can be fun as it offers anything you could wish for. Whether you are looking for shoes, handbags, paintings and clothes you will get them at lake Garda .

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