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How to Pack for a Perfect Vacation


So you’re going on a perfect vacation and are ready to go. Well, almost. You’ve taken care of all the logistical preparations, but now you just need to pack. You’re basically ready to run out the door, but first you need a big bag of all your clothes and goodies. Packing is essential for having a perfect vacation. Bring the wrong clothes for the wrong weather, or leave a few key things behind and your vacation will get slowed down. Bring all the perfect things, and you’re setting up yourself for a perfect vacation.

When packing, it’s key to bring just the right amount of things. Bring too much, and you are weighed down. Don’t bring enough, and you’re missing out. Balance is key for bringing the right amount of stuff, but when you’re picking out what to bring start with too many things. A good way to make sure you don’t leave any essentials behind is by overpacking first. Grab as many things as you might need, and then cut it back. A great rule to go by, though, is to bring two outfits for everyday you will be gone. You never know what situations you might find yourself traveling and on vacation, so be prepared to have to change throughout the day. It’s also a good idea to bring one outfit that you would call ‘elegant’ and nice, just in case a surprise occasion comes up where you have to dress the part. On the other hand, make sure you bring one very casual outfit, complete with sandals of flip flops. And, on that note, the most important thing to always pack when you are traveling or going on vacation is a swimsuit. Even if you don’t think you are going to be near bodies of water, lakes, or pools bring a swimsuit. When you go on adventures, swimsuits are always a great idea. As you can see, the key is to build a healthy balance. Bring something from both ends of the spectrum, from fancy to casual, and bring enough clothes for all types of situations. If you think you need to buy some goodies before you leave, check out some of these Groupon Discount Codes for Currys so you don’t have to break the bank. Make sure you get all your essentials and prepare yourself for the perfect vacation!

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By David Felix

David Felix, a 32 year old carpenter who is taking time out to travel and see more of the world before I get too old to enjoy it fully. I'm an easy going, flexible type of guy who likes to meet new people, wake up each morning not knowing what the day will bring and have fun. Follow my adventures and I shall try to describe each place I visit to the best of my abilities, giving you, the reader, a chance to form your own ideas. Happy travels and I hope to hear from you soon, Dave.