Top Things to See and do in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of those cities that are often overlooked when planning a short city break; however, it is a diverse city with plenty to offer. You will soon discover that Edinburgh is rich in history and has many exciting places to explore. Regardless of your age or budget, you will find plenty to see and do throughout the quaint streets and historical buildings.

Many people love to travel to Edinburgh throughout the winter months are the atmosphere is magical, will plenty of different activities. However, you will soon discover that regardless of when you decide to visit, this city is incredible. Although there are numerous hotels that you can book, property to rent in Edinburgh is affordable.

You can choose to rent a whole property for your stay, making it far more personal, and you may even decide t stay longer. There are several times throughout the year that the city gets incredibly busy, these include the months of August, Burns Night and Hogmany. Throughout August, the Edinburgh festival is a highlight of the city.

Acts from all over the world travel to Edinburgh to entertain the large numbers of visitors that attend the festival. This means that hotels and guest houses are booked well in advance, which is why you may want to consider another option. You may want to be in the heart of the city, or further afield, where it is quieter.

Regardless of where you decide to stay, you will want to explore everything the city has to offer, and the streets are steeped in history. The main shopping areas of the city are easy to find, and you can enjoy a few hours browsing the typical high street stores. However, it is the older part of the city that attracts the most visitors.

Not only are there quaint boutiques and antique stores, but traditional bars and cafes offering superb Scottish food and drink. You may also want to visit the attractions that the city has to offer, and you will love the magical feel of the Edinburgh Castle. This magnificent building has distinct architectural complexity, which is appealing to all ages.

The museums and art galleries are another popular place to visit, alongside the theatres and old houses that stand proud on the road. If you prefer to visit somewhere quieter, the Royal Botanical Garden is perfect and provides a tranquil place to explore. Of an evening, you will also have plenty to see and do as Edinburgh is considered a vibrant party city.

Nightlife in the city is exciting, and there are many excellent nightclubs and evening venues to enjoy, guaranteeing that you have an excellent time. The varied music scene, and excellent choice of venue will guarantee that you never tire of visiting for a night out.

Regardless of the reason why you have chosen Edinburgh, you will never leave feeling disappointed. There is something for everyone, and you will return home educated and alive with knowledge and experiences from this amazing city. Whether you decided to stay in a private property or a castle, you will go home a king.

By David Felix

David Felix, a 32 year old carpenter who is taking time out to travel and see more of the world before I get too old to enjoy it fully. I'm an easy going, flexible type of guy who likes to meet new people, wake up each morning not knowing what the day will bring and have fun. Follow my adventures and I shall try to describe each place I visit to the best of my abilities, giving you, the reader, a chance to form your own ideas. Happy travels and I hope to hear from you soon, Dave.