Top Tourist Destinations in Malaga

Malaga is still one of the most desired tourist destinations in Spain, with over 300 days of sun all year round and an abundance of things to see and activities to get involved in. Malaga has some beautiful beaches to explore along with hiking opportunities, shopping centres, stunning restaurants, art museums and more, as well as possessing a wide variety of architectural splendour, plenty of cultural attractions and fascinating historical landmarks. To experience Malaga at its fullest, here are five tourist destinations you must visit at some stage on your trip.

  1. Picasso Museum

The famous painter Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga in 1881 and a museum dedicated to his work was opened in the Buenavista Palace in 2003. The familiar works of Picasso have been donated to the Picasso Museum in Malaga by family members, so you can take your time analysing some of his most iconic paintings. As well as providing a fantastic show of artwork, the Picasso Museum is an important player in maintaining Malaga’s traditional cultural values. It remains a significant cultural landmark in Malaga and has promoted tourism in the local area consistently throughout the last ten years.

  1. The Cathedral

The events of the conquest in Malaga in 1528 resulted in the former Great Mosque being transformed into the now famous Cathedral. It is a particularly intriguing landmark for architectural enthusiasts, who often admire the combination of styles recognisable throughout the structure. The lack of continuity throughout the cathedral is down to a lack of funding during years of construction, leading to the Cathedral having a Gothic foundation, Renaissance-related facades and an iconic baroque tower.

  1. Gibralfaro Castle

Gibralfaro Castle is a mesmerising combination of ruins from an old Moorish Castle which once stood during the Phoenician period. The Castle is popular tourist destination, with opening times for visitors to make the most of. It is probably one of the best ways to get a glimpse of Malaga at its finest, with stunning views from the castle towers. If you’re lucky, clear days provide views of the coast of North Africa and the strait of Gibraltar.

  1. Roman Theatre

Close to the Alcazaba fortress you’ll find the recently discovered Roman Theatre in Malaga. It is a truly amazing spectacle that evaded us for centuries, until it was finally discovered in 1951. It is believed to have been used up until the third century during the times of the Roman Empire and the leadership of Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus. The incredible spectacle was discovered by pure chance when authorities had planned to start building gardens throughout the local area. It is now one of Malaga’s most popular tourist landmarks.

  1. La Alcazaba

The famous Alcazaba fortress is one of Malaga’s most prized tourist destinations, having been built in 1040 by King Badis of the Zirid dynasty in order to protect his family from invaders. There are over 100 towers throughout the complex structure that provide an outstanding view of the city. It’s position on the hilltop means you won’t be disappointed by the stunning views and there’s still so much historical value to get caught up in. It’s a truly unique spectacle that has to be visited at least once during your trip to Malaga.

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Having lived for many years on the Costa del Sol, Mike James has been to Malaga on numerous occasions on day trips from further west along the coast. With a young family he knows what makes for a successful trip out in Malaga and when not writing about the tourist trail, he writes for Panorama Properties, a Marbella based real estate agent.


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